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Potato is a nutritious source of nutrients for the human body as you can serve it with a variety of mixtures. The potato has distinct taste among foods and can distinguish them when added to other foods & mixtures. 

We are focusing on the oven instead of the potato because we put the highlight on Oven to focus on the way that we will prepare the dishes and the things that we will use it to change the concept for the potato dishes in the region. 

From the cooking stages for the potato when the heat starts to come up it will be forming a shadow around the potato then the heat, sweetness, freshness & the flavor starts to come up to guide us on the brand’s architecture.



Our Signature Potato

Our Signature Potato

Life is about choices and Potato Oven is about living life. We offer an ample selection of quality, all-natural gourmet ingredients using a fresh approach that will change the way you view the humble, yet majestic potato forever. Our organic Potatoes can be customized to your taste, with a wide range of ingredients and a large variety of pre-made options. Our signature dish Purple Potato will fulfill all of your scenes. Any time you are looking for a healthy meal be sure that Potato Oven is the place to be. Satisfaction guaranteed. Making our customers happy one baked potato at a time.

Looking forward to seeing you at a Potato Oven station near you.